Examinations Systems

General rules for exams

1. oversees the secretariat of scientific affairs at the university exams and make sure they are carried out according to the regulations of the university.
2. The Dean of the Commission for exams based regulation and supervision and full responsibility for the exams.
3. hold the final exams of the decisions only twice in the school year.
4. Faculty / Institute / Council adopts the center List examiners students.
5. professors external examiners Council adopts the bachelor level.
6. College examiners internal Council adopts.
7. required student exams regulations and instructions issued by the college / institute / center and the adherence to schedules announced by the college / institute / center or committee exams.
8. No student is allowed to Login hall exams after half an hour before the start of the exam and can not be out before the lapse of half-time scheduled for the exam.
9. The student who fails in the final examination of the relevant leave allowed to sit for the exam with the nearest semester exams.
10. Forums leaves answer reserves for three months after the announcement of the result.
11. calculated estimates for the holiday by regulations adopted by the Council of the college professors.

Periods of exams

1. the first semester exams (individual) of the school year (for materials semester singles).
2. the second semester exams (doubles) of the school year (for materials semester doubles).
3. The period supplements exams and the substitutes singles and doubles for two semesters for the school year.

Exams and final statements to the students time tables

1. publish final examination schedules at least two weeks from the start date of the examinations.
2. publish lists of students who are eligible to sit for the exams before 72 hours of the beginning date of the examinations.

Examinations Systems